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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Starting to Show

I am no longer zipping up most of my jeans, and I can't suck it in anymore, so it feels like more than just bloat. My baby is now the size of a navel orange, and I can no longer lay on my stomach comfortably. Here's my 15 week "mini-bump."


(¯'·.¸ ♥ мяs. gяiswoℓ∂ ♥¸.·'¯) said...

So happy for you...the discomfort only gets worse, but I know you already know the outcome is completely worth it.

Gigi said...

I am so happy for you !!!!!!!!!! I am in India sort of stuck for a while. I am almost 11 weeks today after 4 years TTC. I am going to watch your blog its so fun !! Pray for me am just waiting to make it to 12 weeks then I will feel safe....

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