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Monday, January 17, 2011

17 Weeks

How far along? 17 weeks and 0 days (posting this a couple days late)

Baby’s Size: 5 inches

Baby’s Weight: 4-5 ounces

Development: Baby's starting to get some fat on him, so he's starting to look less like an alien! His umbilical cord is getting thicker and stronger, and his skeleton is hardening into bone.

Weight gain/loss: I lost 1 pound this week.

Maternity clothes? They are slowly making their way into my daily life, especially on the weekends when I don't have to try to suck in my belly. At work, I am still trying to wear loose-fitting pre-pregnancy tops to hide my belly since I haven't told my students or their parents yet.

Best moment this week? My grandparents sent a Target gift card for my husband's birthday, and a second gift card for "great grandson." I teared up a bit.

Symptoms: Stuffy nose & congestion, dry skin, achy joints, back pain, nudging feeling in my lower abdomen--pretty sure it's the baby I'm feeling!

Food cravings/aversions: Salad, avocado, and various things made of chocolate. I haven't really had any aversions throughout my pregnancy so far.

What I'm looking forward to: (/dreading) I hope to find out more on Tuesday about my risk for Trisomy 18. My husband and I are pretty sure we will be getting an amnio since we really want to know for sure.

Milestones: My pregnancy has been pretty smooth so far, so I'm hoping this Trisomy scare is my one hiccup in the process...

What my baby and I look like this week:


Bug's Mom said...

Ugh.... telling your students is rough. I got laid off last year and rehired at a different school in my district so I got to tell my new principal and coworkers the first day we met. I was right about where you are now in my pregnancy so it just didn't make sense to try to hide it. I've always been the pregnant lady at my school.

I will be thinking about you and your family this week. I know the wait for your test results must be so awful.

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