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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pregnancy is Making Me Paranoid

There are some days when my belly feels heavy, as if there really is a baby inside of it. I live for those days. Then there are days like today when I don't feel pregnant at all.

I find myself constantly checking my bump in the mirror and second guessing everything. Shouldn't it be bigger by now? Why does it look smaller than it did yesterday? If the baby is below my belly button, why is my entire stomach rounded?

I end up convincing myself that something is wrong, and even my home doppler does little to put my mind at ease. I go through life these days waiting for the other shoe to drop. Every knows I'm pregnant, and we've started to decorate the nursery. I was hesitant to tell everyone and buy nursery items because I felt like somehow that would jinx it. I feel like this is all too good to be true, and soon this will all come to an end.


Allison said...

Aw, I had those feelings when we first telling people. I would freak out that every person we told was jinxing us just a little bit more.

I totally know what you mean about some days feeling like your belly is really heavy. Today mine feels easier to carry...so strange.

You're doing great! The baby is there and doing well. I had a great friend give me a necklace with a stone that is supposed to deflect negative feelings. I'm not sure how that works exactly, but when I was having days like you're having today, I would throw it on and feel a little better!

Ashley said...

You should probably just go ahead and get used to the paranoia and worry now. I don't think it goes away after birth!

I've given you a blog award--check out my blog for details.

DiamondMomma said...

I am almost 26 weeks pregnant now and I still worry every night that something is wrong with Baby D. I think its normal especially with your 1st. You just have to keep getting up every morning and let life go on. I have come to accept that my little man will be here when he's supposed to be here and all my worrying is only stressing him out! Keep getting excited about all the baby stuff - the nursery, etc. You can't let your paranoia get to you. Once you start feeling that baby move everyday, you will feel a lot better about everything. :)

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