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Sunday, January 16, 2011


I have been feeling what I think is the baby a few times this past week. It started at about 16 weeks with a very brief vibrating/buzzing feeling when I leaned forward. It only lasted a split second, but it was something I've never felt before. And no, it wasn't gas. I've been feeling gas pains pretty consistently for the last two months, so I know what those feel like. :)

Earlier this week at work, I was walking to my classroom and suddenly felt a constant jabbing sensation. These were not kicks. Picture someone jamming an elbow up against your back. Annoying, right? That's exactly what it felt like, but it was in my lower abdomen on the right side. I have felt that same sensation a couple times since then, including once at the grocery store this morning. It's definitely not the same stretching/pulling feelings I've had before. I know it's early at 17 weeks, but could it be the baby pressing against my belly?


Allison said...

Those sound exactly like the first movements I felt! I kept thinking it would feel like a kick, but I'm at 27 weeks now and I've felt tons of movement, but still nothing like I imagined. I'm definitely guessing that's your baby giving you a little "hello" poke!

Tracy said...

I felt mine at 14 weeks, I'm sure of it, even though the Dr. said it was too early. You were small to begin with, so I bet it is!!

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