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Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Different Kind of 2ww

So far, this 2ww hasn't been like any I've ever had. My boobs are usually sore from ovulation until AF (aunt flo). This time, they are not sore at all yet, and I'm at 8 dpo (days past ovulation). In fact, until yesterday, I hadn't had any symptoms at all. My husband thinks that my lack of symptoms might be a symptom of pregnancy.

At 7dpo yesterday, things changed a bit. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but this is messing with my head. Yesterday I was very emotional. I burst out in tears because my in-laws found out we are TTC. I cried on and off for about an hour, then I started crying all over again when my husband got home and I told him how I felt. I felt a few twinges near my pelvic bone yesterday, but I had that last month also.

The biggest change is that I started spotting last night, and again this morning. I have NEVER in my 9 months of TTC spotted halfway through the 2ww. I wonder if it was implantation bleeding, so this morning I tested and of course I got a BFN (big fat negative). Really? 8dpo? I've reached an all-time low. I realize the spotting doesn't necessarily mean anything, but now I have hope, which means I will be that much more disappointed if it doesn't happen for us this month.


pinkflipflops said...

I will add to your hope haha. I had no symptoms and then I spotted off and on for 3 days (around the time I would assume I would start my period) when the period didn't come I tested. Which was 3 days after I spotted for the first time and really the spotting i had after was very small and i would not have noticed probably if i hadn't had a tampon in (it was all old blood) cuz we were camping and i was being cautious. so wait 3 days and test haha.. isn't that what they say about implantation bleeding anyway? after about 3 days you can test positive?

The Suburban Princess said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that this is the month for you!

(It took my DH and I ten months of frustration before we finally conceived for the first time, so I totally get the weird symptom analyzing and the 8 dpo pregnancy testing.)

Anonymous said...

Have you decided how your going to announce? Lot's of people have been following your chart so even if you don't mark bfp they'll know. Of course you could not update your chart when you find out then they'd just be suspicious instead. :)
Praying for a sticky bean for you guys.

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