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Saturday, October 9, 2010

4-Day Diet Jumpstart = Success!

The food was not very exciting, but I dropped 4 pounds on the "Anti-Bloat Jumpstart" of the Flat Belly Diet. I didn't feel like I was bursting out of my jeans yesterday, so that was nice. I discovered that I actually like sunflower seeds and string cheese. The 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds every day kept me full for hours and I didn't feel like snacking as much throughout the day.

I also discovered that I like salt more than I thought I did. The food was pretty bland, but I did it! I'm actually extending the diet into a 5-day jumpstart b/c I have some food left over. My plan for today is to diet for breakfast and lunch. But there's a USC game on at 5pm, and football does not lend itself to dieting...

The shopping list for the first week of the full diet is pretty extensive, so I will probably shop for the food tomorrow and start the real diet on Monday. The real diet looks much more interesting than the Jumpstart. I can't wait for semi-sweet chocolate chips and guacamole!


Lady Baker said...

Go Melissa!

BTW, I tagged you in my blog. :)

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