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Saturday, October 23, 2010

5 Weeks

How far along? 5 weeks and 0 days

Baby’s Size: 5/64 of an inch or 2 millimeters

Baby’s Weight: Less than 1 gram

Development: Baby's heart begins to beat this week and the brain is starting to grow!

Weight gain/loss: I’m still down 5 pounds, since I was dieting at the beginning of my cycle. I lost 6 pounds but gained one back, so I guess I’m technically up 1 pound? I don’t really how to measure this, lol.

Maternity clothes? I wore a Belly Belt for the first time to work yesterday. I used the smallest setting, but it made such a difference. My pants were so much more comfortable when I sat down!

Best moment this week? We figured out when we’re going to tell family and friends. November 14 will be parents and close family. Extended family will find out on Thanksgiving when I show up wearing this:

Symptoms: Period-like cramps on and off for the last week, fatigue, and sore nipples--which as of last night changed to full blown boob pain. Now I feel like my boobs are both really bruised.

Food cravings/aversions: I really don’t care for fruit right now (I normally eat a lot of it), but I crave protein and carbs instead. I really look forward to sandwiches for lunch!

What I'm looking forward to: My first OB appointment on Thursday!

Milestones: My ticker has changed from the smallest size (poppyseed) to an appleseed! It feels good to be making progress!

What baby looks like this week:


Amber said...

We are right there together. It will be fun to follow along and compare pictures (if you plan on posting any).

Kiki said...

Where did you get your stork t-shirt? Thanks Kiki Capps

Melissa McMommy said...

I got the shirt on CustomizedGirl.com. Here's the link:


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