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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nursery Update 2/5/11--DIY Kids Bookshelves

My husband and I were in search of cheap, compact storage solutions for the nursery, and we also needed to clear out half of our office so we could have space for our little guy. The solution: clear off a cheap bookshelf we already own, cut it in half, paint it, and add baskets for storage.

Before: (a $25 bookshelf from Big Lots)

Unfortunately, it didn't occur to me to take pictures until my husband was done. He was able to cut perfectly straight lines through the bookshelf using his favorite new toy, the Fein MultiMaster. This tool is pretty incredible and he's been able to use it for several jobs already. It's a handheld tool and you swap out the attachments so you can do different jobs like cutting, sanding, etc.

Ok, moving on...

Most of the shelves on the bookshelf are adjustable, but my husband did have to drill a couple new holes to get the shelves on the two bookshelves to line up with each other.

The next part is where I took over. I painted the shelves a shade of white called Popped Corn to match my restored dresser. I painted the inside back of the bookshelves blue just for fun. I'm not sold on the blue now that the baskets are in, so I may end up painting them all white instead. Then my husband caulked around the inside since the backboard is cheap and flimsy and the paint was starting to separate. He also sprayed a clear sealant on the shelves. Here are the bookshelves after painting (the light kept reflecting off the blue and makes it look splotchy...sorry).

I wanted to add dark brown elements to match our espresso crib, so I found these Burlington Small Espresso Willow Baskets on Amazon and bought 8 of them - 4 with light blue liners, and 4 with sage liners. The liners have a sweet gingham pattern that makes them perfect for a nursery! The baskets are 10" x 10" and I think this will add a lot more storage. (Did I mention the closet in the nursery is completely full so we have no space for baby stuff in there?) I really have no idea what I will use these basket for yet--burp cloths, diapers, toys...any suggestions? What are some things that I should have easily accessible?

Here is the finished product:


MillerMama said...

Great DIY project! When my niece was smaller my sister used her baskets (which are under the changing table) for bibs/burp cloths, onesies, washcloths/towels, and receiving blankets.

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