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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Garlic and Cake Frosting

Last night I was putting frosting on a cake while DH was doing dishes. All of a sudden, some horrendous odor wafted from the drain. It smelled like garlic from 3 days ago. That smell did NOT mix well with the smell of cream cheese frosting and I froze in place, trying not to puke on my cake. The more I thought about the smell, the worse it got.

DH started laughing at me and so did I. Soon I was laughing hysterically, but also gagging a little, and tears started pouring down my face. The harder I laughed, the harder I cried and I was literally sobbing, but laughing like crazy.

I had to leave the kitchen since at that point I was sobbing, laughing, and coughing all at once. Once I composed myself, I tried to go finish frosting the cake, but every time I thought about setting foot in the kitchen, a new wave of disgust washed over me.

I started laughing and crying all over again, and by now I had to pee, so a little pee came out too. What a hot mess I was! Lol...DH had to finish frosting the cake.


Amber said...

ahahahaha I have experienced the laughing/sobbing thing. So weird.

Its crazy what smells can do.

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