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Friday, May 21, 2010

Trying to Be Patient

Another month has passed and still no luck with the babymaking. I only really had two days of symptoms this month: one day of extreme nausea and one day of extreme cramping & pinching. Both of these were in the week after I ovulated and they didn't seem to be related to anything else, so I thought maybe...

I haven't really been motivated to blog lately, but I have been keeping busy and I figure the stress I've been under this month means it wasn't good timing anyways. I've been hard at work on my website (http://www.mybabydust.com--check it out!) and have been putting off doctor and dentist visits that I should probably get taken care of before a baby comes along. And my husband and I really need to get into shape.

Next month I'm going to try BBT charting and PreSeed, in addition to my regular ovulation kit. I even bought a relaxation cd on BabyHopes.com that's especially made for conception! They really have everything on that site to help you conceive, and I could have spent so much more. I love that they even send you a free packet of baby dust with every order! Lol, can't wait to see what baby dust looks like...


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