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Friday, May 7, 2010

Round 4 of TTC - Ovulation Day

I'm not feeling too good about my chances this month. Hubby and I BD'd (babydanced) on my first fertile day, but I've been in a slump for the last few days and there has been no romance and some tension between us. We finally talked things over today--mostly about my lack of motivation and his lack of effort in the lovemaking department. (Note to guys: Telling your wife "I'm going to play Call of Duty. Come get me when you're ready for bed" does NOT constitute foreplay!!)

The ovulation test I took yesterday looked almost positive, but not quite. So I thought I would ovulate on Saturday as expected, but today's ovulation test was a definite negative, so I'm thinking yesterday's was positive after all. Which means I probably ovulated today (a day earlier than expected). Luckily, after our talk tonight we determined that neither of us was "over it" for this month, so we DTD (did the deed) tonight. Hopefully it will be enough, but we're going to order Pre-Seed for next month if it doesn't happen. How cool would that be, though, to conceive on Mother's Day weekend?


MooMoo Mama said...

Call of Duty.....LOL that was funny. Bad daddy-to-be! bad.

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