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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dancing Through Labor

I have heard of water birthing as an option for women who want to deliver their babies naturally, but I've never heard of this method until today. Apparently dancing through labor is becoming more popular, and the pelvic movements and breathing techniques taught in most childbirth classes are actually very similar to those used in belly dancing.

Check out this pregnant mama in labor! She's 9cm dilated...incredible!


Bethany said...

Whoaaa.. 9cm dilated? She should either be calm after an awesome epidural or screaming in pain! lol

Melissa McMommy said...

This looks fun, but I'm not sure I'm brave enough for a natural birth. Maybe I could dance around my hospital room after an epidural??

Tracy said...

I think some natural drug therapy was included in that birth plan? As the mom of 3, I can't see myself smiling at 9 cm unless some serious stuff had been smoked prior to. Just sayin..

Melissa McMommy said...

I would hope that she didn't toke up when she went into labor! lol...she did seem like she was in a lot of pain there toward the end.

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