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Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Day Late and a Baby Short

So AF arrived today, fashionably late by 1 day (which is not her style, and incredibly RUDE if you ask me). I had pretty much accepted the fact days ago that I was not pregnant due to my lack of symptoms. But my husband was convinced (just as he has been in previous months) that I was pregnant, so he continued to badger me to "pee on a stick." His enthusiasm made me keep hope alive, to no avail.

So today starts day 1 of cycle 4...and I'm not motivated to do anything today but sleep. I got home from work and was in my pjs in bed by 3pm today. Next month I might look into PreSeed or charting my temp, but I can't begin to think about any of that right now.


Jeanette Huston said...

Following you from MBC

Jeanette Huston

(¯'·.¸ ♥ мяs. gяiswoℓ∂ ♥¸.·'¯) said...

Try not to think too much about it...although way easier said than done...you dont want to get your hopes up every month because eventually it puts you in a depression. Try really hard to let nature take its course and remember...when its time, it will happen. You have the support of your blog followers too. Good Luck to you both ;)

Elle said...

You've received the honest scrap award. Stop by my blog to claim.


Anonymous said...

If you decide to chart try out fertilityfriend.com we've used them for years.

Mommy in the Making said...

Ugh. AF is so mean sometimes. She was three days late for me last month, which was also unusual for me. I swear I want to rename her Mrs. Lucifer. She's evil.

Best of luck next cycle! I'm on my 8th and temped for 3 or 4 cycles. It's nice to get to know your body's rhythms. (I use Fertility Friend.)

Anonymous said...

Have you started temping? Do you have a good double decimal accurate thermometer? I hope you get a BFP this month. Still praying for you!

Melissa McMommy said...

I did not chart my temp this month...I lost track of time and did not buy a thermometer. I bookmarked Fertility Friend, but I have been pretty busy. Here's hoping it will happen this month anyways.

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