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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why Can't a Doctor Just be a Doctor?

I am a teacher. NOT a teacher and an astronaut. NOT a teacher and a circus clown. I picked ONE career, because that’s what grown-ups do. But in my quest for a new doctor (preferably an OB-GYN since I’m hoping to be “with child” soon), I have come across several doctors with budding side careers, and it’s starting to piss me off.

Doctor #1 is the closest doctor to my house, and was my first choice. Then I found out she is an aspiring singer and has a new cd out which features her singing – in Spanish. She actually uses her real name followed by “M.D.” on the cd! I heard clips of this load of musical crap online and she should really stick to her day job OF SAVING LIVES.

Doctor #2 is an OB-GYN and got great reviews for her pleasant demeanor, but several people said she seemed preoccupied and rushed through appointments. Why is she so busy, you ask? Because she has a TV show. About delivering babies. And she’s beautiful, which I really don’t need when I’m sweating and shoving a grapefruit out of a hole the size of a grape. Is she going to be worrying about how the lighting is hitting her when I’m in labor? Sorry, Susan Lucci, I don’t think so.

Doctor #3 is another promising OB-GYN. She owns her own practice! It’s a laser dermatology center. WTF? Her “about me” on her laser page actually mentions her being an OB-GYN. Um, multiple personalities, much? I just don’t get how you can be successful at both. I feel like every time I talk to her she would be thinking about how to fix my F’d up skin. Although maybe she can fix stretch marks? I dunno, too weird.

ATTENTION ALL DOCTORS: There’s this thing called Google. And your patients can pretty much stalk you. Your little side projects affect what your potential patients think of you, and your crappy little demo is unprofessional, ESPECIALLY if you advertise that you’re a doctor right on the cd cover! Grow up. Being a doctor is a worthwhile profession in and of itself. You will gain a lot more respect (and patients) if you show the world that your passion is being a doctor.


Anonymous said...

Love, this post. It's so true about OB-GYN's. I found my new Dr. after having a run-in with the wrong type of Dr. You'll find one that will suit you....Follw me: http://adventuresinbabymaking101.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

everyone wants to be famous...Look at Dr. Phil, Doctor and Talk Show Host , Judge Pirro, also now has a talk show. She used to be Geraldo's side kick now has her own thing going on. Professionals should stick to their field. I order backround checks on doctors, and go online, read reviews also.
Which doctor did you wind up choosing?

Melissa McMommy said...

I have not chosen an OB-GYN yet. My insurance won't let me choose the one I want as my personal physician, so I had to pick another doctor (not OB-GYN). I have not gone to see her yet. Then I will need to choose an OB that is in my doctor's medical group. I will see what my doctor recommends.

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