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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BFP? Apparently not...

We are now entering our third month of trying to conceive. After much speculation by myself, my husband, and many online well-wishers, it appears that I am indeed NOT pregnant! AF started today, and I am more disappointed than I was last month, since I have been having slight spotting for a few days (unusual) and EPT gave me some false hope. The picture on the left is my test from when I was 11 dpo (days past ovulation). Note the faint blue vertical line (which was not present in my previous pregnancy tests).

I'm usually not one to analyze a pregnancy test too carefully--I see the result in 30 seconds and move on with my day. But this time I thought, just maybe, this was a faint positive and my next one would be darker and more filled in. I wasn't alone: Here are several comments from people who agreed with me. But no such luck. I followed this test with a First Response test at 12 dpo and that was a definite BFN.

It has come to my attention that some tests with a + sign like EPT are more prone to false positives than others. I found really useful info on BabyCenter.com: apparently the blue dye in EPT leads to false positives, or at least results that look like faint positive lines. So spread the word: Don't pick up EPT tests with blue dye in them!! Next time I'm sticking to FRER or something similar.


Anonymous said...

Aww, i'm sorry! I thought for sure it was a positive! I had that faint line on both tests I took when I really was pregnant. I don't remember what brand they were though... hrrmm..


Martin and Luschka said...

I'm so sorry that you're not! That's my experience too though - if they don't come up pretty bright pretty quick, it's not positive. And that's based on MANY negatives that I thought might be possitive and three postitives where there were no doubts (and a baby, so proof, really! lol) Have a good break now, replenish your body and be prepared again for next month. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Aww sorry. Better luck next month.

Megan said...

So sorry to hear that this wasn't a BFP! I'm really rooting for you and can't wait for you to get pregnant! Good luck on your next cycle!

Anonymous said...

so sorry honey, got everything crossed for you for next month, I am on my 15 month of trying, we have been referred to the fertility clinic but that can take up to 3 months so we're still trying :) xx

Ashley said...

I'm sorry to hear that you aren't :( I just stumbled across your blog, as my husband and I are trying to conceive (we're in month 2). My fingers are crossed for this month, but it's so hard to wait! I have one more week until I can take a test, but I have had no symptoms so I'm not feeling too confident! Good luck in this next month :)

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