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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Milk Does a Body Good, Unless She's Trying to Get Pregnant

I'm 3 dpo (days past ovulation). I'm going to try desperately not to think about any symptoms for the next two weeks, but it will be hard. I think it's actually harder for my husband, as last month he asked me 5 times a day, "Do you feel anything yet?" On a side note, I'm nauseous and my stomach has just been "off" all day, but then again I've eaten nothing but crap today.

Here is a juicy little paranoia-inducing tidbit I read today: Women trying to get pregnant should limit dairy intake because "a sugar found in milk known as galactose has been proven harmful to function of ovaries." Your body needs a certain enzyme to break up the sugar, and some women don't have enough of this enzyme, so the sugar can build up to dangerous levels. Milk, cottage cheese, yogurt and ice cream should be avoided, according to amazingpregnancy.com. Whoops.


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