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Friday, March 19, 2010

Implantation Pain?

I'm at 8 days past ovulation. The last 3 days have brought dull cramps off and on. Last night I had a brief sharp pain in the center of my lower abdomen. That was something I've never had before. Earlier today I had some sheer light pink spotting. I had the same thing last month at 12 dpo, but then got my period that night. I'm hoping since this is 4 days sooner, it's implantation bleeding. I took a pregnancy test today and it was BFN (big fat negative).

I'm happy to say that this two weeks is going by a lot faster than the last time. I have been keeping busy and trying not to think about my symptoms. Then again, I experienced more pregnancy symptoms last month than this month.

I would like to surprise my husband when I do find out I'm pregnant, but he is so damn attentive that he practically stands outside the bathroom door when I'm peeing on a stick. How did you tell your significant other you were pregnant?


(¯'·.¸ ♥ мяs. gяiswoℓ∂ ♥¸.·'¯) said...

My husband was out with his buddies playing Frisbee Golf...I sent him a picture of the positive pregnancy test and asked him if it said what I thought it said. Lol. http://mrmrsgbabymakesthree.blogspot.com/2009/08/big-news-from-griswolds.html

Dont worry, when the time comes, you can still suprise your hubby! ;)

Sarah said...

The first time I went out and bought a yellow sleeper set and something that had daddy on it..a card I think? Man, I'm spacey today. Then the second time he was filling up a swimming pool in the yard and I handed the test out the window to him to see, lol! (That one was my angel baby, m/c at 12 weeks :( ) Then this last time he knew before I did and made me go take a test to confirm. He knows me too well apparently, lol!

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