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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Confusius Say...

My husband and I have ordered Chinese food twice in the last week. Here are two of the fortunes we got last time:

-"Happiness can be achieved by using your patience."
-"Luck will be yours when you least expect it."

May this means I will get pregnant if I'm patient and not thinking about it too much??

Then tonight, my husband got this fortune:

"Children's laughter, so beautiful to hear, soon will be a chance to have them very near."

Not exactly grammatically correct, but I'll take it! The funny thing is that my husband got that fortune, and not me. I'm a teacher, so I hear children's laughter everyday. Maybe this is a sign?? Time will tell...we have another week and a half before I can test. Send me baby dust! Speaking of which, I just started a new Twitter account: Please follow me at http://twitter.com/MyBabyDust


Tracy said...

Thanks for following "Wages in the Making" Miss Mommy in the Making! You're much more popular though with your 73 followers! Good job!! Just wanted to introduce myself and tell you that I feel your pain. 10 years ago - I was working in the school system and had exactly one month to conceive to be able to have a summer baby. One month of really bad, really anxious sex to make our dream child (we had been married 2 years). Didn't happen. I was crushed. Gave up in defeat thinking it would have to be the next year as I had no vacation days. Got pregnant the next month without even trying. Stop stressing, enjoy the sex, and it will come. That's the two cents from a 3 time mommy. My last two were complete 'whoops'. Good luck and give it to God girlie!!

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