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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nicholas: Week 1

Nicholas is 1 week old today!

He is beginning to be so alert and he stays awake for longer periods of time. Today he spent a lot of time looking at me, and he doesn't seem to need his pacifier as often anymore to soothe himself. I think he is beginning to know us and trust us. Sometimes he seems content to have me just hold him and talk to him. That is such a change from the hospital, when he was in an incubator under lights for days. I bet he was so lonely and I felt so bad. I finally feel like we're bonding and I love it. Here are some of my favorite pictures from this week:

Our first family photo

Catchin' some rays in the nursery (phototherapy to control jaundice)

Almost ready to go home!

This is what happens when Daddy is on duty:

One week old today. Here he is looking at the animal pictures on his crib bumper. He was staring at them and the crib rails for a 1/2 hour! Such an alert little guy!


Shannon said...

awwww - the "almost ready to go home picture" is beyond adorable. he's a cutie pie. 100% sure.

Mrs. K said...

He's beautiful Melissa! =)

The Suburban Princess said...

Congrats! He's so precious!

Jen said...

I am a bit late, but wanted to say congratulations!!!!

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