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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Haiku Thursday

In honor of my friend Sulfa, I would like to begin "Haiku Thursdays."

When I was talking to my husband tonight about ladies I have met on TheBump.com message boards, I brought up Sulfa and her blog, and I showed him my last haiku for Haiku Thursday. Here is my TTC haiku for last Haiku Thursday:

Oh, red plastic cup
Frat party accessory
Now I pee in you

He was instantly like, I want to write one! So I put him to work, and this is what he came up with: (btw, I have EWCM and we just had sex)

(DH) I want to have sex.

(DH) Do you have fertile CM?

(Me) Yes I do. Let's go!

Hehe! I <3 MH...


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