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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Time to Raid the Cupboard

I've taken enough psychology courses in my life to understand that constantly thinking about certain symptoms will actually cause those symptoms to appear. The strange thing is, I completely forget I'm TTC (trying to conceive) until a new symptom makes its debut. Then I Google it, and lo and behold, it's a symptom of early pregnancy.

Today at 1:45pm, I was sitting at the computer when a dull ache began to spread across my stomach. I was hungry, so I didn't think much of it. After I got home from work and ate, however, the pain progressed into what felt like pre-period cramps. Nothing excruciating, just sort of a dull, bloated pain, mostly in the left side of my stomach.

I've also noticed that I'm eating a lot. Not a large quantity...just a lot of little amounts of different things. Usually, when I'm craving cookies, for example, it's not a pretty sight. I will down half the package in one sitting. Today, I ate 2 Chips Ahoy and then I was over it. I was satisfied, but then I moved on to eating an apple. Now as I'm typing this, I'm craving cookies again...what the hell??


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