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Monday, February 15, 2010

"Random and Unorganized"

3dpo...nipples are still sore, boobs seem fuller, and I'm peeing ALL. THE. TIME.

Today out of nowhere I said to my husband, "I want hummus." This is not completely new for me, as I love me some hummus. Since we didn't have any, I decided to microwave some sort of frozen meal. I found something that looked somewhat appetizing and took it out of the box. When my husband walked into the kitchen, I was staring at the Lean Pocket and frowning. I absolutely could not get myself to go any further with the process. I hadn't even taken it out of the plastic. I did not want this Lean Pocket. I wanted hummus.

My husband asked, "What's wrong?" I simply said, "I don't want this." To which he replied, "Let's go get hummus." *swoon*

I had not been outside yet today, and I got very lightheaded on the way to the store and had a headache. I felt loopy and indecisive as we browsed the aisles. Later, my husband described my behavior today as "random and unorganized." Oh, if you only knew how ironic it was that HE was calling ME that today! I'm thinking today that I'm either pregnant or in need of a neurologist.


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