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Monday, July 23, 2012

Nicholas: 13 month talking

Nicholas is 13 months old and talking up a storm!  He is really interested in learning the names of things, and he tries very hard to watch my mouth and copy what I say.  (Time to stop dropping "f bombs" I guess, lol)

Here are some words he knows:

cat (sometimes sounds like "ca" or "ta", but he's pointing to the cat, so I know what he means)
kitty ("kit-ty" or "ti-tee")
mama (sometimes sounds like "mom-mom")
daddy ("dad-DEE!")
Teddy ("ta-tee") - my mom's dog
dog ("daw" or "gaw" while pointing to it)
He also pants like a dog when he sees a dog, or when we say "what does the dog/Teddy say?"  lol it's so stinkin' cute

He just started trying to learn these:
pacifier ("pa-pa")
bottle ("bah-bah")

up ("pu-pu-pu-pu"-because when we're walking up stairs I say "up, up, up...")
birdfeeder ("BA-ba-ba" while pointing to it.  He gets that it's a long word--so cool!)
uh oh ("AH!" or "AH ah!")

Every thing else is "dadadadada..."


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