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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nicholas: 7 Weeks

Nicholas is now smiling and laughing in response to mommy making faces and talking in a high-pitched voice to him. He is also very amused by kisses on his face, the ceiling fan (it doesn't even have to be moving--he just looks up at it and laughs, lol), and black and white patterns and pictures.

I printed out some black and white animal pictures from Parenting.com that he just LOVES. I put one of them on the wall next to the changing table, and he gets more excited each time he sees it. It's a cricket we've named Eugene, lol. He recognizes Eugene as well as the raccoon picture on the bumper of his crib (no name for the raccoon yet) and it seems like these pictures are his first friends. It's so cute to watch him study them.

Another no-so-cute habit he's picked up is to thrash, kick, and grunt while breastfeeding. He throws his head around with my nipple in his mouth which hurts like a mother. At first we thought it was out of frustration if the milk stopped flowing, but he's also done it while making big gulping sounds, so maybe he does it out of pleasure...I just don't know.

Here are some cutie pie pictures at 7 weeks 1 day:


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